La Douleur Exquise (Exquisite Pain)

3 pm and his breath reeked with alcohol. Perhaps another glass of whiskey?
A prideful man defeated should never be alone with his thoughts. Too risky.
In his dark room the fire flickered seducing his heavy eyes to surrender
But then there she was. A hallucination? No. Something splendor
Steps so graceful angels would bow. Frame so feline the devil may repent
For no one could compare to this temptress. His soul she torments
“Je t’ai manqué?” A question and a wicked grin
Wanton in her ways to entice a saint to sin
With doe eyes a red dress is brazenly abandoned to the floor
A divinity stood by the fire, he whispered “J’adore”
Her lips devoured his to a moment of rapture
He clutched so desperately but she could never be captured
A holy grail. He tasted wine from her lips
Blissful pain, delivered with every kiss
Pleasurably agonizing or agonizingly pleasurable?
Conflicting emotions of loving her were immeasurable
But as the lover he was destined to be a masochist
Of this unrequited love he was the protagonist
To love her, he willingly put his heart through agony
And to see her in this moment he had to lose his sanity
So yes, another glass of whiskey but he will always be alone in his room
Never a proof of her existence but the lingering scent of her perfume
Empty glass and weary eyes, she was only a pipe dream
Kalopsia turned his pain more beautiful than it seems
But as the beloved she was entitled to be a sadist at ease
Whereas for him she will always be la douleur exquise.