Angel’s Kiss

Dark and lonely but she was not alone
imprisoned by the whispers in the shadows
a faint murmur; a loud thought
She silently screamed for release
her voice echoed in her chest
Yet still too heavy to carry
Anchored to her own tragedy
Only a sigh escaped her
she pulled her sleeves to her fingers
A habit.
The devil’s clutch on her wrists left scratches
almost ended her misery
Bitter escape.
Aching to leave but too scared to go
chained by reminiscing
clutching to opaque hope
inconsolable chasing pavements
with a muffled sob, a hushed tear
Silence guided a desperate plea
Mary save my lonely soul”

Distrustful prayer.
Faint light.
echoes of freedom, whispers of love
holy and grandiose, descended upon her
fragile fingers embraced the divine   
eyes sealed, light winged
tender touch, a pure sin
crimson lips drew in his kiss
chest afire, lungs aflame
moment to float in this embrace
Misty release from a cloudy mind  
dazed. She bit his lips
euphoric. Abused kiss
but his time is ephemeral
his kiss was a goodbye
majestic wings hovered the sky
her demons slithered
in the shadows, closer
whispers, louder
dreary laughter
With haste, she inhaled another prayer
calling for him.
addicted and alone;
she chased the Angel’s Dust
further from her darkness
into the light
this tragic magic; a sweet surrender