A Glimpse of Heaven

“Do you think there’s someone or something out there?” she asked as she inhaled one final drag. She kept it in a bit longer this time to feel the exciting burn in her chest. She does this often before the death of every cigarette, almost as if defying the laws of life by proving her existence with something that could kill her. She finally released a cloud of smoke that resembled a stairway to heaven. He had been earnestly watching her and knew that she already had the answer to her question. It was obvious from the way she would clasp her hands together almost like contemplating a prayer before releasing them and bringing the cigarette closer to her lips with a forceful drag. He admired the way her chest rose and fell in the process and he could not help but think that if that cigarette were to ever have feelings, it would die as the happiest being on earth knowing that its short-lived existence was well lived at those divine lips. She flicked the bud off of the rooftop and he tried to resist the temptation of being the next choice that would softly and gently take her breath away with his kisses. Everything about her was exquisitely fascinating and he could not will himself to pull away from her gravity even if he wanted to, for if angels under the light of God fell from grace, how could he, a mere human, under the light of this moon not fall for her? She lowered her gaze from the starry night to his eyes waiting for his response and this time he had to look away but he could swear that in that momentary moment he might have seen a glimpse of heaven, so he looked up instead, “You mean… God?”. He didn’t have to look at her to know that she half smiled and half bit her lips. “Sure, if we were to have a name for it.” There were many things he knew without a doubt, like the sun would rise tomorrow from the east and set in the west like everyday, that he did not have to think about breathing in order to breath and that for all of the time he had spent with her, he was no longer sure of anything anymore, but something… or someone out there must have been infinitely merciful enough to bring her into his life, but whether the way her presence in his life is an act of mercy on his soul in itself was called to doubt, for if he were to suffer resisting those lips for all of his living time then he cannot be sure if he is granted into heaven or if he is already in hell so he resolved to tell her the answer that she had already knew, but when he returned his eyes on her he finally found what she was looking for with her head tilted towards the heavens and she with all her wonder became the answer.