21 Things I’ve Learned

  1. Life is a cruel teacher because it gives you a test before a lesson and while it might be a monumental beast with its challenges, given in small doses it is the most wonderful adventure
  2. Your family may not understand you but they will stand by you
  3. Not everyone you meet in your life is meant to stay. Everyone has an expiry date, and once they have fulfilled their purpose in your life, as sad as it is, it is time for them to depart
  4. Some friends may become enemies, some lovers turn into strangers, and you yourself can become someone else. Nothing is permanent and things change. Let them.
  5. Letting go is inevitable
  6. Time heals all wounds, and what time cannot fix, you have to fix yourself
  7. Your thoughts have mass, and sometimes they can weigh you down. It is important to rule your thoughts or they will rule you
  8. There are certain people in your life who are like anchors, they keep you safe and sound, guarded near shore so that you don’t drift away, and then there are others who drag you down with them. Learn the difference between those people
  9. It is ok to walk away from someone if they are stealing from your energy or making you feel guilty about being happy
  10. It is ok to say no and to prioritize yourself. This isn’t you being selfish. This is you being kind to yourself
  11. Self-love is not a form of egoism and/or narcissism; don’t let others lower your self-esteem.
  12. As you grow older, your circle of friends grows smaller. This just means that you’re starting to value more real and genuine friendships
  13. People who you can sit in a profound and comfortable silence with are an asset. They will help you discover insights in the deep recesses of your mind.
  14. Say I love you more often. Life is capricious and unreliable so it is important to always say the things you want to say and say them with kindness.
  15. Nothing worth keeping comes easy. You need to work HARD to know the real value of the things you earn
  16. And with that being said, it’s ok to screw up and to doubt yourself. Sometimes we don’t get the things we think we deserve despite our hard efforts, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a grander plan waiting for us at the end of the tunnel. Be patient but also persistent
  17. You will change your mind about the things you thought were most absolute, and that is ok. We are humans; we were not designed to be perfect or to know everything. We will make mistakes… lots of them, but this is how we live and how we learn; how we develop and grow. So don’t worry if things are a bit hazy and unclear right now.
  18. you might even lose yourself in the process of change, but there is only one of two things that could happen to things that are lost; They are either found, or are made new, and we can be both.
  19. When someone wants to help you, let them. It’s ok to rely on people. Don’t feel like you’re a burden, because when some people offer you their help, they genuinely want to be there for you. Yes, people do care about you and will go that extra mile for you without expecting anything in return
  20. You are your own worst enemy but you are also your very own best friend, it all depends on how you treat yourself. No one can break you but yourself and no one can build you but yourself. Don’t let others get to you and make you think like they have some kind of power to change your mood.
  21. With that being said, don’t use others to fix yourself and to make yourself feel whole again. How you choose to survive in this life is what makes you who you are. You are your own complete self… if you choose to be.