The In-Between


I can’t remember if I’ve taken this picture of the sunrise or the sunset. In all honesty it didn’t matter, for to me they both signify moments of in-between; in between hellos and goodbyes, between sadness and joy, between the events of today and the hopes of tomorrow.
But sometimes I can’t help but ask myself if there is a name to these moments of in-between. I’d like to think it’s solitude.
This momentary feeling of accepting and experiencing the “alone-ness” of your being with this world, of existing between who you were and who you are trying to be.

I haven’t made up my mind on the current state of existing in the in-between. I cannot say it is either good or bad, for that would defeat the essence of that moment by removing it from its neutral state and dragging it to one extreme. Maybe this is why every once in a while the moment of the in-between consumes us; to remind us that this world is beautiful and also ugly, it is to teach us that we are who we choose to be within these two. We were not born good or bad. We were born with a choice. Yes… this is what the in-between is; a choice. And how you choose to live and treat others is what defines your moment.

So when you’re lucky enough for this moment of solitude to find you, know that the world is presenting you with achoice, and this is the best gift this universe could ever give you. Do not think of these moments of in-between as confusion at a cross road. No. They are moments of you meeting your choices. They are opportunities to actualize your existence… to become free. But first… You need to exist in that moment.