Promise Me Tomorrow


They laid in bed and turned to face each other with mournful eyes recognizing that every blink reduced the time they had together. She tried to hold back the tears but the glint in her eyes revealed despair that she had tried so very hard to conceal with a smile. But the way he looked at her reflected the warring emotions that she too was feeling and it became a heavy burden on her fragile heart. How could so much sadness exist with the light of so much love?

“I’m going to say it this one time and never again because I feel like you need to know how I feel about this and I know it’s not my place to say it but I can’t hold it in any longer and I…” She started to explain herself before he interrupted her with three words and asked her to speak her heart.
“I don’t want you to go” She finally said as a straying tear rolled down her cheek, “I just love looking into your eyes and I can’t go back to a laptop screen where our eyes never meet and it’s just that I…” and before she could breathe her last word he took her lips with his and kissed her like she had never been kissed before with a promise that she will never be kissed like this by anyone else for all her days.

When she opened her eyes he was looking at her with tenderness that understood her pain. He brushed a strand of hair away from her face and with his thumb he wiped her tears.
“It’s just that, soon you’re going to be gone but you’ll be everywhere. Everything that reminds me of you will speak of your absence. Your scent will linger on my bed at the side where you would sleep until it is no longer there, and I would have to breathe in harder to find a gracious spot that will allow me your scent.” She paused to catch her breath but her heart was racing much too fast to allow her words to stop, “and the flowers you got me will grow by my window until the petals begin to fall on my journals and I can’t bear the thought of having to collect each one to throw it away. I will wear your pjs but you won’t be holding me, and tomorrow I’d have to adjust my car seat because you won’t be driving my car anymore. You’re everywhere! You’re everywhere but you’re not here!” The last of her words unleashed a fierce despair that she had been trying to tame behind forced smiles but as the clock ticked closer to a goodbye, tomorrow became a dreary promise and yesterday was a nostalgic bliss and she only had the memories to hold on to.

He brought her closer to his chest and kissed the top of her head. He wanted to tell her he felt the same way, but he loved her too much for that and so he spoke to her fear, “tomorrow will come my darling and you will wake up with the knowledge that I love you. You will go to work and you will find joy in what you do because you told me this is your passion. You will go out with friends, you will laugh and you will be happy. And when tomorrow ends you will call me and you will tell me your stories and I will share mine. At the end of the day and every day I will be with you. This I promise.”


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