About Me


My dear reader,

I cannot limit myself to a couple of words or lines to describe the infinity that I am… that we are, for we are what we think, and our thoughts are infinite; our mind is a galaxy and I aim to set myself free from my own self-constructed labyrinth and from the whirlpool of homogenized thoughts that society has inflicted on us. And so I like to surround myself with what stirs awe-inspiring change within the self and creates a revolutionized piece of art in my writing that stimulates feelings of welcomed fear and a desire to change. And so I write.

I started to write in my diaries at the age of 12 and as life challenged and changed my perspective I began to keep a journal, and I found myself a tangible proof of my soul existing outside of me and pouring out on papers to indicate that no body goes through life unscathed. My soul was shaped by the rough waves of life crashing into it like every night was a full-moon,  and it was also moved by the gentle winds of kindness that would mold mountains. I have had the fortunate privilege of dying a thousand times and living a thousand and one times more to feel something different and to become someone new. And so I write.