l’esprit d’escalier

Smeared crimson lips. Guilt in brown eyes. Bare body under cold sheets, yet to moralize. evidence of reckless deed scattered on the floor “it was in the heat of the moment!” nothing more… Continue reading

Why do you write?

“I used to write in arabic AGES ago, like when I was a teenager… but I grew up and I stopped, In uni. I had this fluffy feel for poets. I loved how… Continue reading

Lost to the fire

Someone once asked me “What would be the only thing you would grab if your house was on fire?” I stared at him with my lips parted, as if ready to reveal an… Continue reading

There’s No Such Thing As Time

Right now there are seven billion, two-hundred thirty-one million, five-hundred eighty-six thousand, seven-hundred and forty-one people in this world. Some are running hysterically to catch their 3:00 pm flight as they cuss traffic… Continue reading

How Do We Fight What We Can’t See?

Ever since we were kids we were told that there were no monsters under our bed, or beasts in our closets. That the black figure suspended in midair slowly floating towards us is… Continue reading

Angel’s Kiss

Dark and lonely but she was not alone imprisoned by the whispers in the shadows a faint murmur; a loud thought She silently screamed for release her voice echoed in her chest Empty.… Continue reading

The Song You Keep

There is a song you have which sings of one and although your heart loved many a song like this there was none   But what was once your morning’s melody is now… Continue reading

La Douleur Exquise (Exquisite Pain)

3 pm and his breath reeked with alcohol. Perhaps another glass of whiskey? A prideful man defeated should never be alone with his thoughts. Too risky. In his dark room the fire flickered… Continue reading

Waterfall in the Painting.

“I’m afraid.” She whispered. Her voice trembled from the piercing blue eyes of a man who looked at her with resolute yet at the same time with hesitation. “I’m afraid of being happy.… Continue reading