His Red Wine

He opened you up like a bottle of wine to taste your spirit and explore your soul, and in day-light he abandoned you to the shadows; half empty and never whole. Then came… Continue reading

Love with Whiskey

Shove me against the wall and kiss me till I forget yeah I like the whiskey with a little taste of regret You want to feel my love but boy I’ve had too… Continue reading

Gentle pain

  I knew from the start you were not meant to stay and so I hoped for that hourglass to break “let it scatter its sand on an infinite beach” so that none… Continue reading

Push – Pull

  {A long term relationship dynamic in which one member “pushes” the other other away if intimacy becomes too great or the relationship threatens to become “too serious”, yet also “pulls” the pursuer… Continue reading

Library Love

There’s a kind of love that you don’t see in movies or read about in books because it goes unnoticed. It is a kind of love that flows gently and undetectably that one could… Continue reading

My Ghost

You. I cannot say your name. I dare not allow my lips to be reminded by the sweet and nostalgic taste of its sound. I cannot have my ears be tuned into a… Continue reading

Playing for the Thrill

He took her to a Casino because he wanted her to understand. She had never been to a Casino before because she believed that the experience would only swipe people and leave them… Continue reading

21 Things I’ve Learned

Life is a cruel teacher because it gives you a test before a lesson and while it might be a monumental beast with its challenges, given in small doses it is the most… Continue reading

To comfort me

I tell myself it was not meant to be When words were what really wrecked me There’s a certain comfort in trying to believe In a higher power’s prophesy But the words I… Continue reading

A Glimpse of Heaven

“Do you think there’s someone or something out there?” she asked as she inhaled one final drag. She kept it in a bit longer this time to feel the exciting burn in her… Continue reading