Chasing Butterflies

  There is a moment of my childhood that I keep going back to, a moment that I’m not entirely sure ever did happen or was just the product of a 6-year-old’s imagination. Nevertheless, it is a nostalgic moment that I keep yearning for. I remember I was playing in the front yard of our... Continue Reading →


The In-Between

I can't remember if I've taken this picture of the sunrise or the sunset. In all honesty it didn't matter, for to me they both signify moments of in-between; in between hellos and goodbyes, between sadness and joy, between the events of today and the hopes of tomorrow. But sometimes I can't help but ask myself... Continue Reading →


In the same way the smoke had floated in the room leaving traces of its presence, our faded eyes lingered on each other with shameless curiosity as residue. And I’m not sure if it was the smoke or if it was time seamlessly stretching itself and collapsing into this moment of inquisitive desire, but the... Continue Reading →

Moving On

Did you ever notice how the seats on the bus that face the opposite direction of motion can only allow you to see the images a bit later than the forward facing seats? And did you know that passengers on these different seats never actually see the same image or experience the same feeling? When... Continue Reading →

unraveling thread. (my anxiety)

  I really feel uncomfortable posting this, and of course, it makes sense... that's part of the symptoms of social anxiety. I'm afraid of judgement. I'm afraid of how I would be perceived, and I'm also afraid of the messages and texts I'd receive. But now, I'm mostly afraid of how I am being perceived... Continue Reading →

In This World I Became…

  I remember my mother telling me to choose who I was in this world wisely. So I pointed to the moon. “I know you love the moon my darling, and you’re drawn to how it shines in the dark. But don’t choose to be the moon just yet, because on lonely nights it tears... Continue Reading →

His Red Wine

He opened you up like a bottle of wine to taste your spirit and explore your soul, and in day-light he abandoned you to the shadows; half empty and never whole. Then came the night and he returned to hold you again but he lost control; alone and intoxicated, he accidentally dropped you to his... Continue Reading →

Love with Whiskey

Shove me against the wall and kiss me till I forget yeah I like the whiskey with a little taste of regret You want to feel my love but boy I’ve had too much Been jaded for too long I can’t feel, but I like the touch Put your body against my body don’t tell... Continue Reading →

Gentle pain

  I knew from the start you were not meant to stay and so I hoped for that hourglass to break “let it scatter its sand on an infinite beach” so that none could expose the moment that would take you away But you were an angel with reason, ungoverned by time Yet for days... Continue Reading →

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