Hide and Seek

“Close your eyes and count to ten. When you’re finished, you have to come find me” “What happens if I don’t?” “Then we’ll both come back here and we’ll start again.” ❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧❧  … Continue reading

How Could You?

Promise Me Tomorrow

They laid in bed and turned to face each other with mournful eyes recognizing that every blink reduced the time they had together. She tried to hold back the tears but the glint… Continue reading

Silver lining

“There it is” I think, as I look into the hazel eyes of the man I love. There it is; that fleeting glimpse of sadness that rests in his eyes before he smiles… Continue reading

1,500 km

  “The space between your fingers is the only distance between us”   We closed our eyes and sat in silence and in the absence of words, I felt you closer Your lips… Continue reading

Our Little Secret

“Close your eyes. Don’t open them just yet. Do you trust me? Good. Ok… you can look now.” The night sky up above and the silent world down below both gleamed in perfect… Continue reading

Already Gone

I wonder about the mapping of the stars that night your eyes met mine; the chronology of our moments; our clocks perfectly synchronized I wonder if I could bracket that point in time… Continue reading

The Boy Who put Daisies In My Hair

His skin was inked with memories of moments that he called home. But every moment passed by faster than one could capture an image, and every memory was untethered from the grasps of… Continue reading

Lovers’ Odyssey

There was a story that was never told; only heard in the winds and carried by the waves about a love lost at sea and the misfortune of two lovers, too trusting of… Continue reading

Chronically Blue

  If I imitate their smile would I be happy too? If I laugh a little louder would it finally be true? I wonder if hydrangeas by sunset, ever stop being blue?