Chronically Blue

  If I imitate their smile would I be happy too? If I laugh a little louder would it finally be true? I wonder if hydrangeas by sunset, ever stop being blue? Advertisements

More than those three words

I look at my mom’s face through our video call and all of a sudden I am conscious of the toils of time and how it had left traces of moments spent weeping,… Continue reading

Tangled Strings

I envy those who accept that “love comes when you least expect it”, for they truly are the lucky ones; the hopeless ones; innocent enough to trust in coincidences. And so let me… Continue reading

Familiarity Principle

You and I have met before a different face, another name, but this familiarity I cannot ignore And even though we ended badly the love I felt I long to feel, and I… Continue reading

Rosy Colored Memories

I had an idea in my head about what love was supposed to be Love would be kind and patient. Love would arrive gently and I would greet love with open arms knowing… Continue reading

Chasing Butterflies

  There is a moment of my childhood that I keep going back to, a moment that I’m not entirely sure ever did happen or was just the product of a 6-year-old’s imagination.… Continue reading

The In-Between

I can’t remember if I’ve taken this picture of the sunrise or the sunset. In all honesty it didn’t matter, for to me they both signify moments of in-between; in between hellos and goodbyes,… Continue reading


In the same way the smoke had floated in the room leaving traces of its presence, our faded eyes lingered on each other with shameless curiosity as residue. And I’m not sure if… Continue reading

Moving On

Did you ever notice how the seats on the bus that face the opposite direction of motion can only allow you to see the images a bit later than the forward facing seats?… Continue reading

unraveling thread. (my anxiety)

  I really feel uncomfortable posting this, and of course, it makes sense… that’s part of the symptoms of social anxiety. I’m afraid of judgement. I’m afraid of how I would be perceived,… Continue reading